Episode 5

Published on:

14th Oct 2022

“Spooky’s not quite the right word”: Warp terminal, Fig CLI, and OpenAPI tools

Kerri and Ash are back in the command line, which will surprise no one.

First up, is a discussion of Kerri’s recent adventures with Warp terminal and Fig CLI. Our hosts discuss autocompletes and AI tools in the terminal. Kerri also shares a difficulty she found getting Warp and Spaceship prompt to play well together. If you’re following along, this was her remedy:


if [[ $TERM_PROGRAM != "WarpTerminal" ]]; then




Ash then retraces some of his steps playing around with OpenAPI 3.x. Many tools are discussed! From API spec creation tools to server generation tools (like OpenAPI Generator and Swagger Codegen) and beyond. Of course, GitHub Copilot makes another appearance. If you’re ever looking for OpenAPI tools, check out https://openapi.tools/.

Wondering what’s the difference between Swagger and OpenAPI? This article will help you with that.

The Stratechery interview that Ash references is “An Interview With Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman About the Democratization of AI”.

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