Episode 7

Published on:

12th Nov 2022

Decker, Lil, and a good dose of HyperCard nostalgia

Kerri and Ash have spent some time with Decker—created by John Earnest—which bills itself as:

a multimedia platform for creating and sharing interactive documents, with sound, images, hypertext, and scripted behavior.

It's a new take on HyperCard, a classic Mac app from the 80s and 90s that both of our hosts share their nostalgia for.

If you're getting started with Decker, here are the 3 key resources mentioned during the conversation:

Check out the interactive Decker decks that our hosts made and deployed:

The Lil script that Ash describes for adding a row to a grid is:

on addItem do
todoList.value: insert
into todoList.value


Kerri mentions getting her Panic Playdate midway through. If you're wondering what that is, you can find out all about it on https://play.date/.

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