Episode 10

Published on:

25th Dec 2022

2022 Year-end Review & Looking Ahead to 2023

In this episode Ash and Kerri look back at what technologies were on our minds in 2022, and we do a rapid fire look ahead at those technologies we want to learn more about in 2023.

Kerri's 2022 Lookback

First, Kerri talks about her experiences learning Swift and Swift UI in 2022 as a way to learn new technologies and also build a MIDI-based macOS and iOS app. Along the way we talk a little about Apple's lack of good documentation, but also about some of the great resources that are available.

For those wanting to dig into Swift and Swift UI, these links may prove useful:

Kerri's next two topics were related to JavaScript:

  • JS Tooling, especially bundlers -- Kerri is using and loving esbuild for bundling complex projects extremely rapidly.
  • Atomics and SharedArrayBuffer are available again in all browsers, as long as you follow a couple of rules: 1) serve from a secure context, and 2) set some CORS headers. See this MDN article for more.
  • An easy way to set the above CORS flags for local development is to add the "local-web-server" npm package, and modify your "serve" script to use it, like so: `ws --cors.opener-policy same-origin --cors.embedder-policy require-corp`. There's lots of other settings you can specify (port, source folder, etc.) -- check out the CLI docs.

Ash's 2022 Lookback

First, Ash talks about Open API tooling, in particular OAS Tools. For an entire deep dive, see Episode 6, "OAS Tools Deep Dive".

Second, Ash talks about his journey in navigating the various front-end stacks that are available -- from tooling to view layer to layout and styles. If you want to learn more about Tailwind (mentioned briefly), see episode 8, "Bootstrap and Tailwind.CSS: component-first vs utility-first frameworks".

Lastly, Ash talks about some full-stack app hosts, integrating with databases, and more. Some sites mentioned in the episode that you might want to check out:

Rapid-fire 2023 Lookahead

Because we're chatty, our look back at 2022 took the majority of the episode. So we did a quick rapid-fire round of what technologies we most want to explore in 2023.

Kerri's list:

  • Learning more Swift, including some libraries: MidiKit, AudioKit, but also wants to try to build an AudioUnit (Apple's version of VST3 plugins for DAWs).
  • Mastodon has an API! Kerri wrote a bot for Retroputer for Twitter, but now that she's doing more on Mastodon, she wants to learn more about the Mastodon API. (Oh, and if you want to play with Retroputer, a recent-ish version is here, on Netlify -- just note -- a lot is broken, docs are in a state of flux, and it has a long way to go.)
  • Upcoming JavaScript proposals (in particular improvements to sets and iteration... we briefly mention the pipe operator, and Ash has questions!). A great resource for all things modern JS is https://2ality.com/.

Ash's list:

  • Frameworks that mix the client and server. Some he wants to check out: Astro, Next.js, Remix
  • Homelabbing
  • Scratch (the visual programming language)

Mastodon Socials

Both Ash and Kerri show their newbie status talking about how to contact us on Mastodon. Our profiles are:

That's a wrap!

With this episode, we're done for the year! We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, and a fantastic 2023! We'll have no shortage of things to talk about in 2023, and so we'll see you the new year!

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