Episode 13

Published on:

25th Dec 2023

Updates on Adobe Firefly & Express Extensibility

This episode was recorded on October 1, 2023. The events mentioned in this podcast episode have already occurred, but you should be able to watch them online by visiting the Adobe MAX website.

In this episode, Kerri shares some Adobe updates with Ash, including some new features for Adobe Firefly and the general availability of the developer platform for Adobe Express add-ons. She also mentions a MAX session for more about using Adobe add-ons: Adobe Express Add-ons: Spark Creativity with Powerful Gems [S6712]. At the time of this recording some APIs were gated behind experimental flags, but these APIs are now available for all developers. (Note: Kerri is a product manager for extensibility at Adobe, but her opinions are her own.)


Ash also mentions the DevRelX summit, and a panel he was about to host on AI: 2.0 of your DevRel team - How DevRel teams can use AI today? (Recording) You should absolutely go check this panel session out — it was fantastic, with lots of great insights from the panelists.

Near the end we also chat about the new iPhone and upgrading from previous models.

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