Episode 8

Published on:

19th Jul 2023

Doo-be-doo-be-boop: Generative AI for music


Ash kicks things off by sharing his recent appearance on the API Intersection podcast. The API Intersection episode covers best practices in Developer Relations (DevRel), particularly around Ash's 3 C's of hiring Developer Advocates (with a new 4th C added in the convo!), kickstarting your company's DevRel function, and making space for Developer Advocates to get great work done.

Then back to our own podcast episode: it's AI and creativity with Kerri and Ash from there!

The Art of AI: Generative Technologies for Image Creation

Stardate: zero degrees kelvin. Join our co-hosts as they traverse the exciting galaxy of generative AI technology for image creation.

Even as the technology is constantly evolving, Kerri and Ash consider the universal implications for creativity, the future of visual content creation, and what this could mean for digital artists and designers.

Making Music with AI

This episode takes a tuneful turn (thx ChatGPT, we'll allow this) as Kerri guides Ash into the world of AI music production. They explore a range of technologies that are reshaping how music is composed, produced, and performed:

  • Soundraw and Loudly, exploring new frontiers in AI music creation: Soundraw, Loudly
  • Fadr, the future of music generation: Fadr
  • Ecrett Music, revolutionizing music creation: Ecrett Music
  • AIVA, AI that composes emotional soundtrack music: AIVA
  • MusicLM from Google's AI Test Kitchen, an experiment in music language modeling: AI Test Kitchen, MusicLM
  • Muzic, an open-source project for generating music with AI: Muzic
  • Amadeus Code, the iOS app for creating unique song ideas with AI: Amadeus Code
  • MuseNet by OpenAI, a deep learning model that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments: MuseNet

Join Kerri and Ash as they discuss these developments, their potential implications for the music industry, and what they're excited about in the fusion of AI and music.

In the 2020's, my SoundCloud checks out you!

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